Bedroom Glamour: Mirrored Bedside Tables Energize!

Sep 27, 2012 | Home Style

There are many feng shui problems in this bedroom on a basic level, but the nightstands covered in mirrors are not one of that group— I LOVE THEM!

These Park Mirror Bedside Tables  from Pottery Barn are a flash-bam-boom way to add shine and a symbol of “self-reflection” all in one dazzling stroke of decor!  After all, in every relationship, we need to be self reflective…and every bedroom could use some extra wattage in terms of energy. 

While I wouldn’t say that this particular mirrored-table solution can be the perfect feng shui cure for your lackluster love life, it just might be!  To test out the power of mirrored energy, place a mirror flat, facing up, on the top of each of your current nightstands.  Feel any difference?  That’s one way to tell.  Another? If you are literally in the dark in your bedroom and lighting feels overwhelming, or you need to make a marked shift in your relationship patterns, this could be an interesting decor swap to try!


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