Super-Simple Honey Beauty Secrets!

Sep 28, 2012 | The Beautiful

5 honey beauty secrets

Considering the fact that your skin “eats” everything you layer upon it, I am a big believer in beauty from the kitchen.

Honey is one of those amazingly useful  kitchen beauty sweets that produces fabulous results.

Today we’ll talk mainly about raw honey (with it’s enzyme content it can be a bit more “powerful”) but feel free in a pinch to sub in any pure honey (I.E.:  not mixed with additives or corn syrup) to create a similar beauty effect!

5 Simple Honey Beauty Secrets:

Hair conditioning:  You may want to keep a squeeze bear in your shower after trying this hair trick.  Literally squeeze a teaspoon to a tablespoon (depending on your hair length) of honey into your palm and mix in some of your favorite conditioner.  That’s it.  Just apply, comb through and rinse your conditioner as you would.  I let it sit an extra few minutes when I have the honey mixed in!

Wash Your Face:  Honey is a great moisturizing face wash. If your skin is truly sensitive, you may want to skip the enzyme-rich raw honey for this one, but again, like above, pour some into your palm and “wash” your face like you would with any other cleanser.

Face & Body Scrub: Lots of people suggest adding ground almonds to DIY face scrubs, and since I have been a victim of the face abrasion in the form of scary scratches and cuts from these scrubs, I suggest tossing a handful of oats in a grinder, food processor or blender and whirr them up.  Add enough honey to create a nicely textured scrub.  And there you go! Gentle but effective!  For your body, you can add an equal part of sugar to create a more “scrubbing” scrub that is still relatively mild.

Honey Bath: Super-need moisture? This is great for skin irritation as well.  Squirt some honey into your bathwater (be liberal) and soak.  If you want to be fancy, add some powdered milk, too!

Face Masque:  This masque has been reportedly great for acne as well as dryness, and its so easy.  I have dry skin, so raw honey is my choice.  On a clean and dry face, apply a thin layer of honey.  Wash off in 20 minutes or so, and see your glowing skin!

If you have honey beauty tricks, please leave them below.  I’m always on the hunt for more glamorous, effective ways to reduce the chemical load in beauty products…!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Sean

    I love using Honey on my face, you just have to be careful what your doing while its on as its very sticky and likes to drip. LOL

  2. alicia

    I use honey as a mask once a week. To help it go on easier I add a drop of olive oil.

  3. MDolores

    Try this shower bath. Mix in a bottle honey, olive oil and castile soap. The three of them in equal parts. It’s amazing, relaxing and smoozing.



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