Feng Shui Q & A: Bathroom In The “Money Corner”

Oct 2, 2012 | Prosperity


A reader sent in an often-wondered-about  feng shui question about bathrooms: “What to do about the bathrooms being in the wealth and abundance area of the bagua?? Thank you!”

My answer:

The real issue with bathrooms in feng shui is somewhat easy to understand: they serve to transport, ahem, waste, and they also contain copious numbers of drains. 

Here’s a sketch of the “feng shui bagua map“:

(align this row along the wall that contains your entrance door)

When you put these drains and other stuff in a symbolic abundance area (the far left of your home layout from the entrance door, see bagua map above), you are treading “money sucking” energy waters.  In fact, most people I know with bathrooms in this area that are frequently problematic suffer from erratic finances. Coincidence? Perhaps! But lets look at simple ways to balance things out.

1. Add plants that thrive in a bathroom environment. Orchids tend to do well in the steam and are just lovely. ferns are my favorite, though hard to maintain.

2. Earth tones can create an overall greater sense of harmony.

3. Keep the toilet lid down.

4. Treat your bathroom like an organic spa.  As in, cut down the chemical load in the bathroom.  Nix a few of your chemically-loaded bath products & cleaners. More purity flowing down the drains is a good thing!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana

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  1. Carol Strickland

    Hi Dana,

    I have one BR in decendants area and two in the children/creativity area. I have spa stones in all my sinks and I keep the lids down on my toilets. Outside of plants, any other suggestions?? Thanks in advance. Peace, love and hugs!! ;^)


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