Feng Shui Q & A : Fountains And Feng Shui

Oct 3, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

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A reader asked a great fountain feng shui question: “Over the weekend I purchased two electric  fountains.  I will only run them when I am home.  I am now thinking there might be an issue with the water sitting still when I am at work or sleeping.  Am I over thinking this?”

My answer:

This is a great question!  And the best I can do is say that still water is way less of an issue than stagnant, dirty water.  and water in household fountains gets dirty very quickly.  I mean, have you seen the dust that collects on a windowsill? Same for your water fountain, all that dirt builds up in the water;  you usually fail to realize it until it is too late and you are circulating sludge.  So…Yes,  keep the water VERY clean.

And you do not need to run multiple fountains at the same time in your home, unless there is a very specific reason. Water has a lot of power in nature to create change.  I have a friend who got involved with a feng shui consultant who put giant horse troughs of water designed to be fountains  in his house in two separate places.  The result? A massive flood erupted about a day later in the house, unrelated to the fountains but, well, pretty closely related to them in my opinion.  That’s a lot of water energy.  So, take it one step at a time when you add motion like this.  You might want to try one fountain first, then the other….?  Just a thought!


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