Easy Ways To Elevate Your Home!

Oct 4, 2012 | Home Style

(crazy-gorgeous upholstered doors from Elle Decor)

I am a lover of small things that make a big difference(like the UPHOLSERED DOORS above!!!), and today I thought it could be fun to write out some ideas I have seen and used to take a not-so-great home to the next level.  You may live in a mansion but still need to raise the “specialness” quality of your space; you may live in a studio that can transform from basic & no-frills to more elegant and refined in a few easy (and fairly inexpensive) steps.

Ready to uplevel your home a bit?

1. Try for a well-placed vase or two, flowers optional… though fresh flowers give bonus point to any flower-ready vases you might find! (the ones above, probably not flower friendly. Do flowers only in properly glazed pottery 🙂

2. Buy some fabulous sheets.  If yu are truly bargain-hunting, you can still find luxurious, silky, substantial sheets on Overstock.com that will satisfy your need for more tangible luxury wihout breaking the bank.  If you are in the market for something more posh but still (most times) affordable, sign up for Gilt Groupe and watch the Gilt Home sales.   Bedding, especially great sheets, are extraordinarily difficult to find. 

3. Use exceptional hand soap.  A few weeks ago I was at Chateau Marmont, the castle of a hotel in west Hollywood known for its pure opulence, and amidst the exquisite candles burning in the bathroom sat the weirdest, chintziest hand soap in the world.  I was shocked. It was at that moment that I realized that a nice hand soap- though it may be expensive- really registers as part of the experience of a space.  My favorite is the do-it-all, deliciously scented, glass-bottled soap is the delightful Savon De Marseille.

4. Special Tea or Coffee.  Your favorite coffee and tea should ALWAYS be stocked at home.  To make it extra special, get yourself a great gadget to “uplevel” the ritual, be it a tea set, an electric kettle, a french press or an espresso machine. 

5. Display engaging books!  Coffee table books are so named beause they were meant to be on display, shared and gawked at.  Same goes for great books of all shapes and sizes.  Be selective, but go for it! The extra benefit here is that you might just be temptend to read more!

6. Really wash your crummy window blinds.  Dirty blinds are a travesty of modern decor, and, sadly, there is no good solution to cleaning them (not even those special sponges and sprays) while they are having on your windows. On a warm day, remove your blinds and run a nice warm bathtub with just a touch of mild soap in it.  set by set, soak and then rince each set, refilling the tub it need be.  Some people use the shower for this, but soaking for a few minutes can be more thorough.  Dry the blinds with a lint-free towel and let them fully dry before re-hanging them.


7. Paint just one wall.  But… really paint it! Do a mural, do an ombre wall (above), do a fabulous color, do a chevron pattern….Its just one wall….let it really make your place glow! (or, do more than one wall…!)


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana

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  1. arwa

    Awesome!! I will so restock on my special tea or coffee.. and maybe look into some nice sheets and coffee table books. I try to always use special soap in the bathroom- but I could always stock up 😉


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