Your Biggest Critics Signal Your Success!

Oct 4, 2012 | Prosperity

(*loving this graphic from Clever Thursday)

This is easy to say and hard to do, but I am about to suggest that you embrace your harshest, meanest most hateful critics with open arms. Yes, that’s what I said: say thank you to your critics!  Why?

  • My friend said to me recently that as her star is rising as an actress she feels like she has a target on her head. Awful, spiteful, hateful people are cropping up, ready to destroy her.  I congratulated her: a nice contingent of jealous, spiteful people who mindlessly slam people tend to target the brightest, the best, and the ones who are succeeding the most.  So… if you get some hate flung toward you, take it first to mean that you are making an impact!
  • Haters have a tendancy to pop up to try to pull you off your course right when you are about to break throughto a higher level. It is almost like a test from the universe: Will you fall under the weight of criticism or can you take the constructive notes, forget the rest, and forge forward?
  • In Buddhism, when you slander someone you make them stronger by helping them to get rid of some of their negative karma from past lives (and this life!) and, in the process, you weaken your own karmic goodness.  So, following this trend of thought, the more people are hating on you, the better your life will become. 
  • And…haters help you define and refine your profesionalism, your character and, as a business, your brand.  If you can learn from each wave of crazy and take the high road (hard to do), you will be even more fearless and unstoppable as you grow.


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Karisa

    I love your insights about the “haters” in the world! I also love that you were able to put my graphic to good use in your post and thanks for the link!

    • danaclaudat

      🙂 the graphic is gorgeous, thank YOU! xx


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