The Magic Of Having A Plan!

Oct 8, 2012 | Prosperity

Feng Shui can change so much in your life… as long as it moves you to action!  No trinket, no amulet, stone or red string will bring you a soulmate, a bunch of money or whatever else your heart desires.  Feng shui sets the stage…but you take the ACTION.  Do you have a plan of action?

xoxo Dana


  1. Carol

    BRAVO Dana!!! Bravo…..

  2. Thomas Lynn Pool

    Dana! I have a fan in my kitchen! And you have a fan in New York City. I’m on as salondelynn (a website where you become your own DJ) and I blip links to your website almost every day.

    I learned long ago that trying is a human concept that does not exist in reality. There is only doing and not doing.

    –Thomas Lynn Pool


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