Chalkboard Wall Paint Inspiration!

Oct 9, 2012 | Home Style

I’m not often one to take on an interior trend as a trend, but I am one to revisit old trend and realize that its become a classic.  Chalkboard paint is one of those newly-minted classics, having gone from trendy to ubiquitous, and as the quality of paint (and our desire to have create interiors) increses, so do the chances that your old cabinets, lackluster walls and tiny office spaces will go “chalkboard.”From my feng shui perspective, chalkboard paint done well is a winning way to create a more personalized interior with very little time and effort.  Also, its very clever when artistically maximized!

Draw your plans on your wall, and change them whenever you’d like! 

Caputure the spirit of a game room like never before.

Dress up a kitchen, a fabulous Apartment Therapy idea for kitchen “renovation.”  

Or literally organize your kitchen, desk drawers or even kids dresser drawers in chalk.

A can of chalkboard paint can also: label your ball jars to become fancy glass kitchen storage, tag your flower pots, create nifty placecards for dinner on almost any material, label office supplies and much, much more!


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