Feng Shui Q & A : Crystals To Create Wealth?

Oct 10, 2012 | Prosperity

A reader asked a really amazing feng shui question about compass directions and crystals to create more money in her life:  “Hi there, I’ve been doing some studying on “The Wealth Corner” of my home and that it is helpful to keep a Citrine cluster there. I’ve read that the wealth corner in a home is located in the far southeast corner and/or the far back left corner of my house. Ok, so my question is, is the “southeast corner” according to cardinal direction or according to where my front door is located? If it’s according to my front door, is it when I am INSIDE my home facing my front door or OUTSIDE facing my front door? Sorry if this is confusing, I am very confused myself!!”

My answer:

You might be confused because  feng shui based on compass directions (North, South, East, West, etc, with talismans for each area) is, I feel, an antiquated and superstitious model for making life changes!  This type of feng shui evolved geographically thousands of years ago to increase people’s chances of survival in difficult weather conditions, with different terrain to navigate and in a much more brutally difficult world to say the least.  Furthermore, this school, along with the BTB or Black Hat feng shui (even sounds scary, no?) used very superstitious and very slanderous Buddhist teachings to try to conjure magic.  This is not my own idea, this is historical fact if you study Buddhism. No good in my book.  I stick to art, science and moving energy in ways that can be perceived, understood and utilized in real terms. So, I am as confused as you are about what direction faces what way in this “feng shui” model that I can not support in the slightest bit. 

Reading my blog you will quickly learn that I totally avoid all such “this thing in this area= this result” type of stuff because I am not into peddling false hopes and dreams. I am interest in empowerment and wisdom and real, solid life changes. 

All of that said, lets now talk about citrine & the wealth area…! Citrine is a form of quartz.  Quartz is not voodoo, its been studied, proven to conduct, generate and store energy and it is so powerful that it is applied in technology prolifically (you know, the quartz battery in your watch is, indeed, quartz!) to move energy around.  Citrine, at its best in my opinion, is rich golden yellow.  This color is life-giving, stabilizing and, yes, reminiscent of golden riches. The energy emitted by crystals is thought to have an effect on ones body on various levels. 

Citrine is also thought- in metaphysical circles-  to have the power to manifest wealth, though, you know, so is anything that you invest with these magic properities.   Lucky objects for people range from baby blankets to baseball hats to actual talisman, invested with “luck” because you see it as so.  That’s as far as I’ll go on the “magic money” citrine aspect. 

Will citrine make the far left of your home from the front door (the money area) feel better? Maybe!  Will it add sparkle, earth element and energy? Probably, yes!  Will it make you money?!  Nope, not really.   You make you money.  If it can help you to feel more grounded, refreshed, energized and proactive, then its moving you along the way! I hope this clears up your confusion! 


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Barbara Z.

    I really like your approach to answering this question. I know a little bit about a lot of things from my younger years when I was reading anything I could get my hands on of all things mystical, metaphisical and ancient wisdom.
    Your explanation of the importance of cardinal directions and such makes so much sense and I never heard or read anything like this.
    Great answer to this question!

  2. Miranda

    Thanks for this article! I really love crystals of all sorts and have them all throughout my home. I’m sensitive to the energy of crystals, so I find that surrounding myself with them is very supportive.

    You never clearly answered the reader’s question, “If it’s according to my front door, is it when I am INSIDE my home facing my front door or OUTSIDE facing my front door?” It’s if you’re standing IN the door, facing INTO the house. If you were looking down on your house from above, or looking at a blueprint, and you put the wall with your front door along the bottom of the page, it would be the area in the top left. Hope this helps!

    • danaclaudat

      Bagua is very simple. if you draw a floorplan you aligh the botton of the bagua map with the wall that contains the entrance door. The rest flows appropriately from there. If you did it any other way the bagua would not be able to be appliued to a floorplan:) xx


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