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Oct 10, 2012 | Creativity

Yes, its true, you might not be ready to run a marathon tomorrow.  But if you start training now, I bet that you will be able to do it by this time next year.  There is this tremendous sense of “all-or-nothing” that is blazing through society- I am a foodie who eats everything under the sun vs. I am a raw vegan and only eat organic. Extremes make it really easy to be intimidated by your own well-founded aspirations.  So, we sit and wait for a sign that our time has come and that time– that perfect, ideal, awesome time– never quite arrives.


Start today. Just start to do whatever it is you want to do.  If you want to be an actor, find an audition on your local Craigslist for local theater to start, or just sign up for a class, or write, direct and star in your own film shot on your iPhone! JUST DO SOMETHING!  You may not be able to fill in all the pieces of the puzzle today, but you really have to get started right now because the time will never be better than today.

I get it- you are going through a hard time,  so now is no time to start anything.  Things can get a bit weird & dark.  In 2011, my mom died suddenly, I almost died myself and a few other very horrible things happened.   I also started more projects in 2011 that are defining my life now than in any single year.  Perhaps things were so bad that I realized I had nothing to lose? All I can tell you from my experience is that creativity can absolutely be your salvation.

Of course, where would we be without some actionable suggestions to get you going on the goal that you have kept on the back-burner for way too long?

A few ways & means to start moving & doing things rather than thinking about them:

1. Stay present! When you are spacing out in fear and a in habit of mentally fleeing from a challenge, you have to show up for yourself.  A friend taught me this little trick.  Go outside and stomp your feet on the ground. Stomp and stomp until you feel like you are more “here” and things are bright and more clear.   Its pretty fun!

2.Keep moving!  Whenever you are stuck mentally, try moving physically.  A walk is the easiest way I can jump-start my brain every day.

3. Keep seeking clarity! Wash your windows to experience a greater “metaphoric” state of clarity.  Your windows are the “eyes” of your home.  You wouldn’t wear glasses covered in a layer of dust and gunk, would you?  So wash those windows.

4.  Overhaul your finances!  Seems like we all say we don’t have enough money to do whatever it is that we want to do.  So, dive into your real financial picture.  Can you find ways to organize (if not reduce) any debt? Can you see a way to re-frame your budget, or make some extra money.  Brainstorming this with a friend could be helpful.  Find a way to make whatever you need even to take the first small step toward doing what you want to do.  With technology, things like blogs can be had for free on Tumblr, photos from your smart phone can be a video camera… Innovate and find a way!

5. Make a date right now to see someone who inspires you. OR, if you know nothing of inspiring people, make a date to find one somewhere by, say, taking yourself to a lecture, auditing a class or even just hanging out in a creative neighborhood and introducing yourself to people.  We are not all meant to do this on our own- life is a collaborative event!

& Please let me know what you come up with! xoxo Dana


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