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Oct 13, 2012 | Creativity

Who doesn’t love the subject of LOVE?!   Feng shui and love are more often than not linked in conversation, and even that little book called The Secret has a rudimentary feng shui chapter included in its midst on the topic of LOVE. There are so many facets to love that it would be impossible to give you a “one-size-fit-all” feng shui love prescription for a home and a life, so I thought we could use some bold strokes to talk about shifts in furnishings, habits and attitudes to get you feeling more lovey than lonely!

Lately, I have been making smaller and now bigger shifts in my own life as I am – after a crazy 2011 that sort of robbed my spirit-  finally ready to be serious about having a life full of love again!   As I have been buying fabulous bedding and  mirrored night tables, painting giant canvasses and re-doing my closets, I feel a big paradigm shift that I needed.  I thought I would share with you some of the fun ways to “free” yourself from the loveless phase you might be wading through, to find both possibility and real opportunity for love everywhere you turn in life!

BEING READY: First of all, how ready are you physically, to start with, for romance? How is your energy? Seriously, did you ever meet someone that would be so great if they were about 50% more awake and alive?  The bold love stroke of readiness here has to do with your personal magnetism in an energetic way.  Are you so stressed and exhausted that a romance would perhaps temporarily give you a boost and then turn into another source of stress?  Think about it: are you physically ready to both give and get energy from another in an intimate way? Try sleeping more, retooling your diet to include more real and less processed food and drinking much more water on a regular basis.  These very small changes are shifts in your personal energy that make you much more magnetic in every way.

MAKING SPACE:  People talk a lot in feng shui jargon about creating an empty drawer for your prospective love or making space in your closet for them.  that’s all well and good, but I personally don’t want a man moving in with me and yes, while this “space making” in your closet is always a great idea, its not the ultimate in space-making.  What about making space in your actual life? Do you have the space in your actual calendar to devote to being with another person? You may say, “Why yes, if I meet the right person, they come first!” but that’s not quite how it works all the time.  Sometimes you need to literally shift gears and clear time for your socializing with prospective mates, whether or not you find someone instantly.  You need to make this important.  Ever feel like you meet someone and they lavish you with attention for three weeks or so and then they vanish into their life and you into yours, confused at why the balloon burst even though the two of you are really compatible…but your lives aren’t compatible?  Maybe they didn’t make enough space for another person in a real way, and, perhaps, you didn’t, too.

LIVING SEXY: Sexy is not all about how you look, real sexy comes from within and is stimulated my both your thoughts, your actions and your environment.  Do not underestimate the power of great bedding, excellent candlelight  or some stellar aromatherapy bath oil to make you feel more sexy.  Food can be sexy if you are eating in a delicious way.  Look at someone you think is sexy.  What do you notice most about them? I bet its their confidence!  Surround yourself with sights, sounds, scents, fashion and activities that build your self-confidence. What are they? That’s something to brainstorm, because only you know what builds your spirit, and if you don’t, now is the best time to figure it out!

FEELING EXCITED ABOUT YOUR LIFE:  If you are not happy with what you are doing and how you are living and how you feel about you, chances are that you won’t be very motivated to share that with another person. You certainly don’t need to be the CEO of a company to have the love of your life, but you do need to be OK with where you are and where you are going.  Remember that pyramid by Maslow?  If not, I’m including it above, and you can read more about it here.  What Maslow discovered is that happy, successful people with great relationships tend to first have a handle on their personal stability before they dive into relationships.  Its something awesomely motivating to think about, the idea that getting your shit together (for lack of a better set of words) can actually move you toward love.  Also, for those you you who are fantastically organized and stable, do you ENJOY your life?  Stability doesn’t mean boredom.  If you actively dive into a developing a bigger social life,  you will have that love-juju flowing more readily into your life!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana



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