Feng Shui Q & A : A Room Without Corners

Oct 16, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader is renting an oddly-shaped room in a home and wants to know what to do! Here’s the feng shui question of the day.  “I’ll be renting a room with the corners of the room “cut off” or angled, so it’s not at a 90 degree angle,  and there are 4 foot windows (about 2 feet above the floor) in each corner. They open and close. They are the money and love corners respectively for this room. The money corner faces due east, and the Love corner faces due west. How can I accommodate them for best feng shui?”

And here is my answer:

I’m not too worried about which cardinal direction the corners face, I am actually just thinking about how dramatically the corners are “cut off”, so to speak.  It makes for some interesting geometry.

In this case, I would suggest using light, if you can, to energize those corners.  Postioning upward facing canister lights on small tables in front of each corner can “fill in” the space.  Upward-facing lamps are good for this, too.

Also, in lieu of this, you can try some super-tall bamboo in vases, to create a strong vertical and the sense of growth that sort of  fills in the “missing” space.

Overall, though, I wouldn’t say this is a big problem, unless it is affecting you.  My suggestion is general but it should work pretty well and also will look really cool!  Good luck!  xoxo Dana


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