6 Crafts From Childhood To Bring Back Home!

Oct 18, 2012 | Creativity

Making crafty stuff that you also live with and use is tremendously great feng shui! Lately I have been very nostalgic for my home as a child, and all of the stuff that I used to do as a kid.  Summers I would spend at my Polish godmother’s house at the Jersey Shore where we would buy a whole ton of crafts at the start of our trip and spend months making them while watching TV, eating ice cream or just hanging around. 

I had a scarecrow latch hook rug over my bed when I was a very little kid.  I would have preferred something cooler, like the rug above from Etsy THIS place sells amazing latch hook rug kits and I am ordering one as I type! 

Now, this was a craft that I didn’t get to fully master but man, I loved the smell (probably toxic, but we don’t do these things daily!) of Shrinky Dinks! Pottery Barn Kids sells an incredible kit geared toward kids of pre-stamped shrinking plastic.  However, all of you artists can grab yourself some old school, un-designed Shrinky Dink plastic right HERE to start making your key chains and holiday ornaments now!

Last year I had a major throwback moment of nostalgia for the Jersey Boardwalk where we used to get t-shirts made on a spin painting machine.  You can get a mini Spin Art machine that works great right HERE.  I bought one last year during my walk down memory lane for my friend’s daughter. He almost killed me for the mess, but man, the spin art was sooooo cool!

Now, if you were anything like me, you could get into Spirographs for hours.  These little sets create mandala-like patterns and are wildly fun and somewhat meditative. 

I happen to be a huge fan of the paint-by-number set.  Not only are paint-by-numbers extremely rewarding to behold as you fill in the numbered spaces with color, they are actually, at times, quite decent-looking paintings in the end.  HERE you can get a paint-by-numbers kit that comes with “blend-able” paint to create a more complex and dimensional finish to your crafty masterwork. 

Last but hardly least on my list is the ever-popular and enormously useful skill to master— KNITTING!  I actual grew up making crochet blankets- and got adept enough to crochet whole outfits for my dolls at age 6- so I can safely say that just about anyone with patience and desire can grab hold of this art form of turning yarn into goods and run with it!  There are great tutorials all over the Internet, and its inexpensive to get started….give it a roll!

My friend is a very famous knit designer, so knitting is on my mind for the cool months. If you live in LA, you can take classes at her studio on Melrose Avenue- Zoe Zeynep– or, even better, attend our Knit Shui evenings in November (announcing them soon!)where we will get a knit class from Sule following a feng shui class by me… and you will leave with all the stuff you need, including the know-how- to make a gorgeous pillow!  I can’t wait!!!

What crafts remind you of childhood? Do you ever pick them up again, or have you dismissed them as a part of the past? Please share!  


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


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