Feng Shui Q & A: Can I Get A Pet Snake?

Oct 19, 2012 | Uncategorized

 Above is my favorite Melinda Maria python wrap ring!

A reader asked if it was a bad feng shui idea to get a python as a pet.

My answer:

Pythons are creatures symbolic of the earth, protecting the earth and, even, in some case, magical prowess.  The python mythology is rich.

I lived with a python in my old home for a year.  Shockingly it wasn’t bad, given that I gave a snake phobia, but it was absolutely bad enough to drive me out of the house forever when that python escaped, never to be found again.  (Yes, LA, there has been a snake on the loose for many, many years!)

What I do remember of the python, beyond its final prison-break to freedom, was that my room mate would feed him LIVE mice.  Too much for me to handle, personally. Even though I respect the food chain, I wasn’t born to facilitate it in this way.

Now, to the feng shui of your snake question. If you love pythons, personally I see not a single problem with this choice EXCEPT for the fact that many people with deep fears of snakes will avoid your house or many feel extremely uncomfortable there, even when the snake is in captivity.  And, that’s the second point in my little tale: snakes need a big enough environment to live- especially pythons!- and that means you need to consider with what and how you will create that space.
Lots of mythical power, lots of logistical issues: your snake question intrigues me! Let me know if you decide to get it!!! 


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


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