Are You 100% Invested In Your Life?

Oct 22, 2012 | Prosperity

Oh man, I have had it with people who like to say how terrible everything is but do very little to change their circumstances. Are you really giving it 100%? Do you get up and really take action? Do you learn as much as possible about how to solve your present problems? Do you maintain an environment that reflects your highest values about yourself and your life? If you are giving your life 100% you will find a way out of whatever tight spots you might be in… and,  if you are not, get going! There is no space to complain if you haven’t given your all.



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  1. Miranti

    I love this post, Dana! You’ve asked some pertinent questions here. It’s often waaaaay too easy to complain about a situation when that energy could be better used doing something. I cannot stop reading your blog by the way… keep it up! Miranti



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