Thomas Edison On Missed Opportunity!

Oct 24, 2012 | Prosperity

I suppose some things never change.  Historically, those on the lookout for opportunity tend to find it if they have the vision to see that work…hard work, nitty gritty basic work…could hold the key to that opportunity. 

For a while it seemed that the world viewed “magical” occurrences like winning the lottery, “manifesting” incredible riches not really earned and all sorts of insta-celebrity as what constitutes “opportunity”. 

Do you see the opportunity in the work that is spread out before you? If you are looking for a job, do you see that in the search, every day you have an infinite amount of opportunity if you are willing to knock on doors and find those doors? Its not an easy ride these days, or a necessarily easy rise for that matter, but if you can see the chances you have to excel by rolling up your sleeves and getting excited about the work, you might just find the key to your personal success in that action!  xoxo Dana


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