Feng Shui Q & A: Bedrooms Up Against Bathroom Walls

Oct 25, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader asked a very interesting questions about bathrooms and bedrooms: “ Hi, what can I do if I have no option but to place my single bed with the headboard against a bathroom wall. This is the only place I can place my bed and both walls of my bedroom are next to bathrooms. Are there ways I can counter the bad feng shui arising from this situation? (I have no option but to keep it in that position). I have had it like this for 20 years!! Your help/solution would be greatly appreciated.”

My answer:  

 I have had a very personal and strong reaction to having my bed’s headboard up against a bathroom wall.  Indeed, to the degree that my life fell apart I can not blame just the bed, but I will say that the enormous amount of rushing water directly behind my head took a massive toll on my personal energy.  In these situations there are several things you can do if there seems to be no option. 

One is to get a great big, preferably upholstered or very substantial headboard.  This will form a first barrier against the “rushing” energy.  While I am not a major advocate for mirrors over beds, a securely & professionally installed mirror over a bed against a bathroom wall can be a good thing.   

Alternately, you can put your bed caddy-corner, so the headboard is against no wall, and fill in the space behind your bed with a great big & awesome tree with non-pointy leaves and a light that faces up toward the ceiling.  This might be the best one for you, especially since you have lots of walls against bathrooms. 

There are more things to try depending on how this bathroom wall situation affects your life… and it may not!  You may not be as sensitive to this type of energy as I am, so you may need to do very little to feel secure in this space.  Either way, the important things are that you sleep well and feel fantastic! 


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Reese

    Another feng shui teacher I know of recommends placing a mirror behind the bed, with the reflection going against the wall, to reflect all the waste right back into the bathroom. That is such an unfortunate bed placement, I’d load up on all of the cures I could find!

  2. Marcy

    We had our bed against a bathroom wall for a couple of years and found it really draining. Moving it, our life seemed to change immediately. It is now under a window though. While I feel less tired, I feel more chaotic there. Though my partner said he doesn’t mind. The only other option would have the bedroom door opening up to the bed. Is in the corner better than under a window?
    Thanks for the great tips. I think the idea of a tree behind the bed is a cool idea.

  3. Bhavin

    Thank you for your reply. I am glad I already have a sturdy upholstered headboard (for the past couple of years), which is of good size for my singe bed. I do not feel comfortable with the mirror over and behind my bed or on display in my room. So I don’t think ill be going down that route.
    Finally there is only one corner that I can put my bed caddy-corner but then that would mean the top half of the bed would be under fixed wall cupboards. The effect of sleeping fully under these cupboards gave me heaviness and other not so good feelings in the past (I did try to counter the cupboard heaviness with attaching a long piece of cloth under them but this never really worked for me), which is why I move my bed everyday out of this position when sleeping so it is not under these cupboards. Doing this for the past year or so, my sleep and clarity has greatly improved and I do get a good nights sleep. Again thank you for giving me few different options, I guess its not that easy to diagnose the problem if you cannot physically see my room. Also maybe you are right in saying that I may not be as sensitive in this space (at least not anymore, maybe I developed some sort of immunity for sleeping against a bathroom wall for so long! at least I hope so!!).
    P.S. I am fairly new to your website and have greatly enjoyed reading many of your blogs and articles posted. Great work.

  4. Teresa

    I can relate with this because I have the same situation. Two walls next to bathrooms, one is from another building. I didn’t feel exactly tired but I know I was not sleeping as sound as I should and I was always afraid to wake up with all the noise from the running water.

    After a year with the headboard (tall massive wood, thankfully!) against this wall I moved it three weeks ago and it is now under the window (with heavy drapes). I never slept so well since I bought this apartment a year ago!

    What I notice is that my work at the office increased. Don’t know if it’s related or not.

  5. Bernie Harrison

    Hi I would like to find some solutions for my personal space i share in a nice older home in Mount Victoria on the east side of wellington New Zealand. I have moved to different parts of this city and have gone back to the same houser 24+ years later. The house has a calm feel and the people i live with are calm and co operative with each other. The bed room bathroom and porch attatched and are connected to a laundry area that leads to a kitchen area. There are four doors two doors are facing to the inside of the house not in direct allignment but opposite each other, the other two doors are facing the other in allignment across from each other. This forms a crossfacing a path behind the building with a wooden fence facing south east/west This part of the part of the building i occupy is single story attatched to the main house this is a double story villa with five to five bedrooms. The area descriped is at the back of the house on the east side in what i believe to be a north east west position. The bedroom i have has a slopped roof that is angled the positon of my bed is in the lower sectopr normal ceiling height in this area away from the entry door on a rear wall in an open alcove area with medium/large window good light facing a east/ north. there are alot of bigger buildings around me but not directly in front of me. I think this house has very good enery but i would like to know of any useful feng shui cures to harmonize my area with the energy of the main house because there are three other doors and the door to my bed room in this area. I would most desire to keep own energy as harmonize the energy to promote more prosperity and healthy relationship and general wellbeing.

    Yours Sincerely

    Bernard Harrison/Bernie
    99 Austin Street
    Mount Victoria
    New Zealand
    Southern Hemisphere

  6. Melissa

    Looking up ways to cure bathroom pipes of a neighbor behind an open wood headboard. Can’t move bed due to layout of room. How can I use a red ribbon?

    • danaclaudat

      Red ribbons will not do anything. But… a tapestry on the wall… perhaps even a lightweight mirror behind the bed safely secured to the wall, might do it. I would probably drape a big quilt or something like that over the headboard to make it solid and create a more protected sleep environment.

  7. Ellana

    Question for Dana:

    I have a big ficus tree in the bedroom whose leaves have pointy ends (that as Y’know with ficus droop down). I’ve had to bend down when passing through to my side of the bed when the leaves grow. Is that bad feng shui & Would you advice it’s removal?

    Because a friend said she and her husband pray to remove any bad spirit from inhabiting the ceiling corners of each room.

    I had it there in the first place since read on feng shui that plants are for good energy protection.

    I’ve never heard of what she said before & I start to wonder if that’s just superstition, but then again at what point is feng shui similar to that?

    Should I remove the ficus tree from bedroom since still single ?

    • danaclaudat

      remove it because 1. it doesn’t really fit in this room and 2. its not the best thing to sleep with trees in a relatively small bedroom biologically speaking. otherwise, you are fine 🙂 xoxo

  8. Janell

    We are building our bathroom bedroom. We have no walls and are building the bathroom on the backside of the bed. The back of the headboard will be the sink… Have suggestions??

    • danaclaudat

      nope. i can;t suggest anything since its very counter to feng shui, but if you dig it, go for it!!!

  9. leaf


    My bedroom is under the bathroom upstair. everytime occupants of second floor use the bathroom the water that goes downspout was heard inside my bedroom since the downspout tube was inside my bedroom. I just want tp ask if it is okay that the downspout tube was inside my bedroom? Does it affect my health being an occupant of the bedroom downstair?

    Thank you

    • danaclaudat

      i’m pretty sure you are fine. just make your bedroom a nurturing space for you.

  10. Lily

    Hi, I’ve been searching everywhere for advice on this issue: my bedroom is above a downstairs toilet, although the bed does not sit exactly over the toilet itself, it’s a couple of feet off. It’s a rarely used downstairs loo, just big enough for the toilet, off a small study. Should I do something to its ceiling, such as installing stone tiles or metal tiles? It’s only about 3′ x 6′ big, but very high ceilings, since it’s just boxed off the study.


    • danaclaudat

      I wouldn’t worry about this; it sounds fairly far away and it should be just fine 🙂 You can always put a rug beneath your whole bed for an extra level of “feeling grounded”…

  11. Rochelle

    Hi Dana,
    So our bed is now positioned facing east and centered along the west wall, to the right of the north wall that has a centered window, and is diagnol from the door on the aouth wall which has the door opening on the east side of that wall. The east wall is next to a stairwell that ascends to the upstairs apartment. But, the west wall (which the bed is up against up against) is the wall which the bathroom shares. However, the bathroom ends where the bedroom begins. And, in the bathroom the toilet is on the west wall and the shower is on the east wall. So, I’m wondering if we need to protect against that position. If so, would a hanging linen be useful behind and perhaps around the corners of the bed. I think what is directly behind west bedroom wall is either the living or bedroom of the apartment next door and a bit of earth or empty space, since the property is on a bit of a slope.
    Thanks for your advice,

    • danaclaudat

      It’s a bit hard to understand from a verbal explanation (I know, we have limitations in comments, not your fault) but if the bed is up against the bathroom wall, I’d probably move it. If it’s not against the bathroom wall, a solid headboard is a great starting point. 🙂



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