Beeswax Candles That Make An Extraordinary Impression!

Oct 26, 2012 | Home Style

Oh, la la, the gorgeousness of a handmade candle, expertly poured and finished by hand as art!  Candles can be the extraordinary addition to the dinner table, the foyer, your nightstands….bathroom… A gorgeous, hand-created candle is not a giant expense in proportion to what it adds to a room, and Greentree Home candles take that beeswax crafting expertise to the level of a must-have!

I was immediately moved to message Greentree Home the moment I came upon their candle artistry, and their process and story did not disappoint.  Their candle collection is so unique and astonishing…I mean, look at the 100% beeswax candles above- they look like ceramic home accessories!

These remarkably beautiful honey scented beeswax (beeswax smells like honey!) with zero added fragrance, natural cotton wicks and homemade goodness are borne of such a delightfully artistic process that they share on their website.  If you take a peek HERE you will probably want a Greentree Home candle immediately…if not sooner!

 Oh, also, I should mention that when you burn pure beeswax candles you clean the air a bit as burning beeswax emits negative ions into the air (like a wand of sage does) which help to purify your space. 

Imagine a big tray or stunning candelabra filled with these delightful candles burning organically.   It would make such an extraordinary impression! 


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