Hope In Dark Times

Oct 30, 2012 | Uncategorized

SANDY IS A DEVIL.  I am getting texts and messages- no one in my family and none of my friends were physically harmed by the storms.  They have lost their homes, many, their possessions, many… Some have insurance, some do not.  Some have places to stay, some do not.  These are just the people I know.  I think most of the homes of my family members are completely demolished, or so soaked that they are irreparably damaged. 

Its very hard to tell my friends and family to be “positive” . For as much light as there is in the world, there is darkness.  Darkness is contained within light.  Light is contained within darkness. Right now, things are pitch black for millions of people on the East Coast.

While we can’t imagine where these devils come from to plague the earth, all we can do now is help in any way we can.  HERE on Huffington Post is a great compilation of some great places to donate to those in need.  Also, please send these people your positive energy and prayers if you do believe in prayer, so that those affected can see the light in their time of darkness.  x Dana

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