Feng Shui Q & A: Does A Headboard Need To Be Flat Against A Wall?

Oct 31, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

 (charles progers)

A reader asked a great question about whether or not her bed needed to have a headboard up against a wall. “Feng Shui novice here! Is there any instruction on whether or not it’s okay to put a bed at an angle in a corner, or does the headboard have to be flat against a wall?”

My answer:

Sometimes a bed is “better” at an angle, depending on the room.  For example, if you are beside bathrooms on both solid walls where you would position your bed, the caddy corner might be best.  You might only achieve a good sense of being grounded in the room depending on what surrounds it, with a corner configuration. You might have people behind your best solid wall that create a disturbance, so the corner is better. Etc, etc, etc.

 An angle is a weird configuration to adjust to, I will admit, especially if you have a large bed. Plus, you need a pretty big room for this to really look & feel right.  

I’ve written about this before, but traditionally the “feng shui way” to manage a bed in a corner is to fill in the empty space behind the headboard with 1. an upward facing light and 2. a plant (or, depending on your situation, a tree) with non-pointy leaves.  Your own version of this might just do the trick to make it look and feel lush and lively rather than oddly shoved in the space! 


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