Quick Spray Paint Makeovers For Your Home!

Nov 5, 2012 | Home Style


I am a huge fan of making things fresh and new without making them look too “crafty” or chintzy.  That said, I culled the Internet for a few projects that involve little more than some ventilated space and a few cans of spray paint yet shine as instant, custom home renovations!


Having a party? Spray just the tips of some Goodwill flatware like Sania Pell did to create a super-ful table setting.  Yes, you can probably get away with washing them once or twice, but I would only use them once then send them to the recycling bin.  Its still well worth it!

This fluorescent pot from The Proper Pinwheel is on my LOVE list.  Of course, you can pick your color and your style… but WOW what a difference a custom pop of color can make, raising the energy of your home while also highlighting your lovely greenery!

Now these gold-sprayed wine glasses from Momtastic make me smile… and I would use them all the time…and I will when I make them!

If you don’t want to spray paint your own things, you can pick up a great set of sprayed ball jars HERE on Etsy that can be your office organizer, can hold paint brushes, makeup brushes, colored pencils… you name it!

And… for the project that I am so ready to do this season: spray painted mirrors like this fabulous one from The Devil’s Punchbowl can make the ordinary and bland absolutely scene-stealing and room-focusing.


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana



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