Yep, Style Matters. Bigtime.

Nov 7, 2012 | The Beautiful

You do not have to be classically beautiful to succeed in life.  My personal feeling is that actual beauty is far less relevant than style in just about every circumstance.  Style is something either you are born with or you develop and cultivate.  A little style can lift your spirits and a lot of style can help you remember who you are when times get tough.  Abandon your style and you might feel lost.  Ignoring the idea that style matters is just plain sad, because style is a reflection of you, an artful expression of you and one of the great luxuries in our world of individualism!

I am friends with lots of designers and stylists who have forgiven me the last year of running around in sweatpants and T-shirts because, well, I had way more to take care of in life than anyone could have imagined.  I will tell you this: if I regret anything, I regret abandoning style.  I truly see, as I start to re-emerge in life, that style could have carried me so much farther so much faster!

When I was sick as a little girl my mother would make me put on a dress and do my hair to go out with her.  “Smile,” she would say, “when you look better, you feel better.” You know, its true.

Are you wearing clothes from years ago that don’t feel like “you” any more? Are you feeling unsexy (men, you too) when you walk in a room? If a photographer stopped you on an average day to feature you in a news story would you feel radically under-prepared?

My personal answers to these questions: yes, yes &  yes!  I get it: sometimes you can barely sleep well and eat well and finish all you have to do. And where are you going to get the time, money or insight to create a new wardrobe, new hair, new style?  That’s what the Internet excels at- solving the difficult problems of making the fashionably impossible very possible!

Start simple.  Start with confidence.  Feel the ground under your feet.  Walk taller.  Stand stronger.  Decide that in the search for your style groove that you aren’t going to focus on what is wrong with you, but rather, focus on enhancing all that is right!  Style is far more important than fashion.  Try on clothes you would never think you would wear.  Accessorize.  Take time to get dressed.  Make it a priority.  You know… there is such a thing as dressing for success.  See what happens when you dress up your life a bit more!

Style is transcendendant.  When you see a person you can imagine their home, you can envision their artwork, you can almost spin a tale of their hopes and dreams and talents.  While its not always correct (!) we do process style as a key element in life. Embrace the fun of style.  In finding or reinventing that style of yours you may just learn many gorgeous things about yourself that you had forgotten!


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