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Nov 8, 2012 | Prosperity

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A reader asked a really cool feng shui “money corner” question that I think we all can benefit from.

She wrote: ” I just watched your video on money. Loved it. Though my question is this.

I was told the far left corner of each room and the whole apartment is my money corner. Yet I have also been told the SE corner of my apartment is my big money corner….now, the great thing is the the SE and my far left corner in my kitchen is the same, but the far left of my apartment is the complete opposite side of my apartment, in my bathroom. And my money corner in my bathroom is in my tub, where I told my landlord the drain is not draining well, he said he came over and put something in it, but it still drains very slowly out.

A few questions:  What to do with the drain? What corner/s do I really need to be putting coins and the right colors in?

My answer:

Ok , first of all lets take a step back and define what the “money corner” in a home really is before we launch into this answer. The “Self-Empowerment” area of a home, also known as the “Money Corner” is the area in a home that is in the far left from the entrance door.  You can also look at the far left of each room to see if you have structural or design issues in each room’s “money corner”, especially if you have big financial problems.  Now, to say what this “corner” is: back in the ancient times of thousands of years past in China, if you stashed your possessions in this area of your house you tended to have a better chance of holding on to them.  Over a multitude of years, that “survival cue” became sort of burned into our DNA (and this is not science, its just the best way I can phrase it!), so to speak.

I like to use the bagua to diagnose rather than “solve” home & life issues.  So, if you have a drain that is clogged… well, perhaps you either have your money lines in life clogged up or, perhaps, you are “stuck” and not your personal potential.  It is my experience that money and self-esteem issues are tightly related,  hence the name for the corner is Self-Empowerment” as well as “Money”.

Get a real plumber to snake out your drain.  Use a little “hair catcher” in the shower to prevent it from getting blocked up.  Add some plants and stones to your bathroom, or lots of earth tones, to enhance a sense of calm and stability— solid foundations and stable ground.

You don’t ever need to put “coins” or “the right colors” anywhere in your house to succeed, but, that said, your favorite tones of fire colors (like the above, where you’ll see some of mine!) and personal ways that you demonstrate wealth and power for you, personally, are really energizing.  If you are   financially sluggish, perhaps this is the energy you need?

Also, please realize that prosperity is a holistic endeavor.  It does not come just as a “manifestation” or a “miracle” or other self-help hoo-ha, though visualization and affirmation are all super-excellent empowerment tools.  Prosperity comes from self-elevation through actual working on things… but it doesn’t have to feel thike a chore. Creating things is totally self-esteem building!  xoxo Dana


  1. Linda

    I really like how you can step back and look at the problem like that. I have a similar issue. Our garage or master bath(garage is an extension from the house are in the far left corner of our house. We can never seem to get ahead financial. Whenever we accumulate, something happens that takes us right back down. I’m trying to step back and look at the possible issue but have no luck. Any ideas to look for would be nice.

  2. Theodora

    Hi Dana! I’m confused, I just read somewhere that the Wealth area is associated with luxury items, money for things we want rather than need, and that the Family area is associated with money to pay for bills, etc, and money we need rather than want. Can you please advice briefly on what area to focus on and make changes for people with money issues? I’m trying to help out some friends, I’m sure your answer will probably be to make changes in all areas, but if you could narrow it down to one of two it’d be easier for them to actually do something about it! Thank you!



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