Feng Shui Q & A : Missing The Love Area Of My Home!

Nov 8, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader sent me both a stellar floorplan (after the jump) and a killer question about his feng shui, as he seems to be “missing” the love area of his home:  “I’m wondering whether you can help me with a missing bagua sector that is next to my bedroom. As you can see from the attached floor plan of my apartment, the love and marriage sector is vastly missing. What cures can I use to correct this?”

My answer:

Today I’m borrowing a bagua map from Carol Olmstead (I am a big fan of her newsletters!) to answer this question as simply and clearly as possible.  The map is above.  And my reader’s floorplan is below. 

Now, lets address this very fundamental question of what to do when you are “missing” an area of the bagua in your home.  (if you don’t know what the bagua is, THIS will get you started) Unless you live in a perfect square or rectangle, there will always be some irregularity in the bagua… and often it matters very little.

Essentially, feng shui is all about YOUR experience of space.  Its interesting to me, if you were my client my first question would be “were you not interested in having a relationship when you moved in?” or “were you in a failing relationship when you moved in?” Generally we pick places that demonstrate much about ourselves whether or not we are willing to admit it. 

Given that feng shui in my way is about your personal experience of space, if an area is “missing” of the bagua, you will sill experience the farthest right of the space to be either the corner of the balcony or the bedroom to the right that you have positioned the bed in on the floorplan, in and around that area.  So, the “love area” tends to fold into the missing spaces.  Make your balcony lush and well maintained, and keep your bedroom well appointed, especially with art to energize the space with a sense of passion. 

Love does not reside just in one corner of your home, so don’t fret if you are reading this and thinking, “I’m screwed!” You are not.  Just make the determination to bring more energy to the surrounding spaces to that missing corner.  And I would stay away from too many ideas that involve mirrors because mirrors have a way of really complicating things.  Think colors that are fire, scents that are spicy and rich, art that is luscious and even some great soft or silky textures in these areas to give them “extra” juiciness!  You may be “missing” a corner but you will more than make up for it with your personal picks for sexy energy. 

Now, I am going to throw in a PS for you: if that bed is where your bed is located, I sense that you either are still not looking for a relationship or you’d prefer a relationship based on sex.  That’s not a bad thing, but its interesting given that you were concerned about the lack of a love area.  I’d move your bed counterclockwise to the wall that you marked with red if you can.  None of this is hard and fast rules, and I am not working one on one with yu so I am not sure whether or not this would ABSOLUTELY be the right thing for you, but generally, that’s what I’d say.  


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. DuyLiem Nguyen

    I just happened to search for fengshui in bedroom and found your site which I really like because of your clearly and easy to follow explanation. I need your help here with a catheral or upside down v-shape ceiling in my master bedroom that the line according to fengshui cuts or divides the bed into half. That really damaged my marriage relationship. What could be done to lessen the impact? Also my bed’s foot is facing the door (not directly but could be seen from the hall way and from walking into the room). My bed’s foot is also facing the door to the rest room. Any bad fengshui about this arrangement? If so what cures?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    • danaclaudat

      Canopy over bed & door to bathroom closed— 2 good places to start! 🙂

  2. donna

    I have a missing relationship corner in my house….sort of facing north and east. I just built a large wall there -the area is a driveway-what can I put on wall to bring in relationship energy. I am talking about a painting on my wall.

    • danaclaudat

      A painting is a great idea- but you must pick what is love to you!!! Also, look at the far right from the eantrance door (the way you walk through from the front door) to every room and polish that up, too!

  3. Laura

    My washer sits in my relationship and love area. What do I do.

    • danaclaudat

      keep it clean and working well and creatively reinforce the area with love messages 🙂



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