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Nov 9, 2012 | Prosperity

My old psychic who has become as famous as she told me she would be (and also happens to have a PhD) says that a prediction opens the mind to the possibility… It opens the door.  So, in essence, when you crack open a cookie, shake an 8-Ball or even see a tarot reader or psychic or get into anything of the soothsaying genre what you are, essentially doing, is becoming open to greater possibility.

Isn’t it funny that we are more apt to listen to a stranger who has intuitive ability or a deck of cards that we are inclined to listen to our own intuition?!

Suggestion of the weekend: get real quiet and calm and make your own predictions for your life.  Start affirming them in words.  Remind yourself of what is coming.  Live with the confidence and certainty in your days that you would if you were told by an oracle that you were about to have your most memorable dream come true.  Powerful, huh?


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Teresa

    I like the way you think.
    BTW, I read somewhere in your site about your book. When does it comes out? Thanks.

    • danaclaudat

      THANK YOU! My first DIY feng shui book is being edited and will be out either early December OR first of the year…depending on when its really super shining! 🙂 xx Dana


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