Worry Is A Destructive Waste Of Time

Nov 9, 2012 | Uncategorized

(back to her roots)

If you’ve ever been through a big trauma (I have, more times than I wish to recount) you can fall prey to an ambient lurking fear, as though, almost unconsciously, you are worrying about everything so as to protect yourself from the next big crisis.  Whether it takes holistic remedies, therapy or just rigorous attention to cancel those worrisome thoughts, make it a priority to deal with them and find a new way to approach life.  Worry is a reinforcement of every possible bad outcome in life.  Why would you want to make bad things much more real and solid?

I know its not easy (trust me, I know!), but if you set out to dismantle your worry issues you may find, suddenly, your world opened up to vast, positive possibility!



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