Your Love Of Drama & Your Life!

Nov 12, 2012 | Creativity

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Lets be honest: are you addicted to drama?

When I say drama what I mean is: temper tantrums, crazy-making, trying to fix crazy-making people, starting controversy, stirring up gossip and spreading it, creating issues and complaining when you should be saying thank you, lying, exaggerating for effect, being petty and jealous.  And being “addicted to drama” could be either indulging in this behavior OR thinking that you can be the stability in the lives of other drama addicts.

Its a tough question to own up to honestly, because we are all “supposed to” be so past that point in our lives, right?  We all like to say that our goal is a simple, positive life.  We all have our amazing ways of qualifying all the chaos happening around us as “no big deal” even though its just total madness and we shrink in the stress.

Admit it: you might be addicted to drama even though you’d never openly acknowledge it.

If you are living your life in search of commotion, creating problems when things are becoming to quiet and intimate in relationships, finding ways to shake things up with a petty fight or finding friends who have more petty woes than positive things to share then you might just have a bit of a drama issue.  That “drama” doesn’t make you interesting to anyone except others like you who will work hard to “best” your dramatic situations or desperately try to engage themselves in this drama.

My litmus test to know if you are addicted to drama? You often recount stories of your friends or lovers that are full of “he/she is so crazy!” and are full of exhausting and petty negativity… but you never disengage!

Drama is an escape.  It gives you a false sense of power, as though you can be the center of a storm, or perhaps shut down the storm as it is about to erupt.  Association with drama takes the responsibility off of you: when things go wrong, its clearly THEIR fault.  Drama is so exhausting, it has the ability to make you numb to what is really happening in your own life that you need to confront.  Drama hurts everyone in its path.

So… if you need a drama detox, take one now!  Even if you have to shut your phone and go on a retreat at a non-dramatic friend’s house for a few days, do it!  Take some time to really feel what life is like without the noise and chaos.  It may be scary to feel so much peace.  Embrace it.  Work out ways to politely, non-dramatically opt out of drama situations.  Spend more time alone until you understand your energy as apart from other people’s energy.  Feel how awesome peace can be!!! And when you are back in your life, if you feel yourself being pulled into chaos, remind yourself how much you have to lose when you engage in petty drama.


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