Feng Shui Q & A: What To Do With My Knives?!

Nov 13, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

(Farhad Moshiri)

A reader asked a great feng shui question that I had actually never heard before about knives. “Can you answer my question please? My sister gave me a block and knives years ago. I understand that is bad and I need to know how to get rid of them. Do I just toss in the trash or is it OK to give to goodwill??? I’ve heard that when someone gives you knives it cuts the relationship and so it seems that has happened even though she gave them to me many years before I heard this.”

My answer:

I have heard lots of superstitious things, but this may take the cake.  let me start by saying: please keep your knives, please cook a lot (its great for your creativity, nutrition and prosperity) and keep those knives in good repair.

Now, onto “what you have hear” in terms of superstition.  While knives are definitively a specific type of gift (they are not romantic, per say, unless they are for a chef), there is nothing intrinsic about having a block of knives in your house that spells doom to any relationship. 

Now, that said, if you are having relationship issues and have this block on knives in the far right corner of your kitchen from the entrance door, or in the far right overall of your home, I may suggest you move them to another place to store them.  That place should still be useful and convenient!

Symbolism and safety are personal issues.  If the knives “register” to you as threatening, store them safely in a drawer out of reach of children completely.  And if there are children around your knife set in any way shape or form you must seal all knives and sharp objects in child safe cupboards.  That’s common sense though, not really deep feng shui… 🙂

As for your relationship with your sister… what prompted her to give you the knives.  Was it an out of character gift? Thoughtless? Did it strike you as upsetting? Was she angry with you and was the gift given in that fashion?  That’s the only real way that the knives could affect a relationship, truly, in such a cataclysmic manner. 

That said, work on that relationship apart from the utensils. Use the knives to cook away!!!


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