Calm, Cool, Charismatic Green Walls!

Nov 14, 2012 | Home Style

Emerald, jade,  pine… true green is a powerful color not often painted on walls, though it should be!  In my never-ending quest for creative ways to calm, cool and, at the same time, energize a home, these deeper shades of green make decor unforgettable.

This retro near-electric green wallpaper brands a space with personality and deft creativity.

An emerald room feels like its blanketed in forest, and that is a monumental feeling.

This office in green is  less blanketed in mysterious depths and yet massively motivating in a synergistic sense.

 I am forever a fan of sage green.  Quiet, calm, classic and yet the ideal backdrop for a modern, social, “homey” gathering space.

Ok, I am so ready to move and start painting walls in gem tone shades with candy colored pillows!!! Green, always a winner, might be a big move for you to start, so consider some glamorous grassy accessories to start and see if you move toward full rooms of verdant opulence!


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