Things Go Grey When We Forget How To Play!

Nov 14, 2012 | Creativity

This little ditty from Imeus Design rings so true to me!  Not to be morbid, but when my mom died about a year ago, my sister’s best friend and I had the same “visit” from her, in which she said that everything would happen in my life the way I wanted it to, as long as I didn’t neglect LIVING my life.  It was a bit spookier, because she used very admonishing words and we both (my sister’s friend and I ) had the same dream visit on the same night.  This dream visit from my mother was a game-changer. She knew me well enough to know that I woudn’t neglect such an obvious lack of coincidence as her popping up with the message in both places in one evening. 

After my mother died, I hid in work. Creative, exciting, brilliant work.  But its still work. I needed to have fun as much as I was driven to accomplish things.  It made a world of difference to get this dream-state mandate.  Don’t forget how to have fun ( as in daytime fun, too, not just rowdy-party fun!) and things become more energetic, more alive… and even easier!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Thomas Lynn Pool

    You are so inspiring Dana. I’m on a free music site called where you are your own DJ and others follow you and you follow others from all over the world and you can find almost any piece of music. I ‘blip’ the link to these great posters you send me. I have 1,316 listeners. p.s. I designed a lamp with handmade Japanese paper and I think it’s going into the 41 Bloomingdale’s and 850 Macy’s stores! I’ll keep you posted. evol::lynn


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