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Nov 15, 2012 | Home Style

Knitting creates fabric from string in an almost alchemical process.  Having been raised to be quite crochet-savvy, knit became the next extension of my penchant for turning yarn into art.  In my world of feng shui, texture makes an enormous difference.  Adding softness, especially as the season turns chilly, brings new dimension to your life, and a real sense of the sensual in every way.

The unexpected knit vase makes a desk far less threatening and stressful.

Knit sofa covers are infinitely memorable.

Cable knit bedding: I have no words to describe how awesome you are.

Really unexpected— a knit sock for a vase, knit stool-covers…

Classic pillows that create focus and whimsy in a room.

And, my all-time-forever favorite: the knit pouf (you can buy these unstuffed right HERE)!!! 

That said, when you knit something yourself  you imbue an object with your sentiment, thought and design, even if you are following a pattern.  When I met Sule Kaya of Zoe Zeynep Knit Studio in Los Angeles an idea started to form which is about to turn into an exciting one-night-only event called Knit Shui!   Sule, a knit master (she designs and hand-creates some of the most prized & collected knit in the world!!!) with a love of teaching… and Me, doing a feng shui DIY lecture at the same time… are going to both help you pick the best colors and textures & then teach you how to make a knit pillow project in a super-fun evening!  Stay tuned for the info on Knit Shui in LA…and in the meantime you can find Sule’s store HERE on Facebook & HERE on Pinterest!  xoxo Dana


  1. Kristie Robinson

    Could you advise me as to where I could purchase the cable knit bedding.as seen on the home page of this site. Thank you

    • danaclaudat

      i wish i knew where to get this exact one…!



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