Are You Addicted To Talking About Your Problems?!

Nov 17, 2012 | Prosperity

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Constructively talking about a problem in search of a solution is one thing, but that’s not what we are talking about here. Talking about problems can be an addiction for people.  Some get addicted to the cortisol and adrenaline brain and body chemicals triggered by problems.  Sadly, that’s the stuff that will leave you sick and depressed after the rush.

I used to complain a lot about trivial things.  I stopped, mainly because it was depressing me, but then it seemed I collected friends who complained instead.  Yes, I used to have friends that complained compulsively, and I love them now from a safe distance. I could either love from a distance or keep them close and constantly fight with them.  The fighting would flood my own body with those stress hormones and give me the rush, and then the frazzled burn out and body depletion that comes afterward.  If you surround yourself with drama, you gotta cop to your drama addiction, even if you aren’t the drama-creator!

Some people find everything wrong in every day, and I wish they wouldn’t.  It is truly sad to hear people who are living beyond their means talk about how broke they are, people who are beautiuful wishing they were as pretty as “xyz” person, and all forms of petty #firstworldproblems. I divested myself of problem-loving  people when suddenly I found myself with some very big, very real problems to deal with (that I didn’t have the luxury of complaining about), and I didn’t have the capacity to listen to such entitled, whiny and negative chatter in the background of every day.

If you are addicted to talking about your “problems” however big or small, ask yourself if you can afford to waste your life in this way.  If you are surrounded by this energy, can you sit by and sink with the ship of other people’s problems? Break the constant petty problem addiction & when real obstacles pop up you will be able to handle them head-on.  Plus, you’ll be much happier all the time!  xoxo Dana


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