Do Your Let Your Time Melt Away?

Nov 27, 2012 | Prosperity

I used to think time management was for people without artistic sensibility. I mean, you can’t be a robot and an artist, right?

Well, several years ago a very influential teacher of the arts told me something as I complained of having no time that stopped me in my tracks: what do you do that is so important that you have no time to do what matters most to you in this world?

The gist of what he went on to explain is that if you have a job during the day and do that for, say, 8 hours, that is what you are actually DOING.  If you go off and rehearse your art and work on your business passions and your personal pursuits for an hour here & there, you are a dilletante and a hobby-lover.  You can have more than one job and still be a professional.  Its all in crafting time to your advantage.

I was offended.

He was right.

Do you let your time sort of melt away each day? I did.  I realized that when I kept a time log for a week.  Try this and see what you come up with….

melted crayons art

(meg duerksen)

Your Personal Time Log:

Grab some paper.  Write on the first sheet:

  • the time you wake up
  • then mark the times, roughly, that you switch activities throughout the day
  • If you set the timeline aside while you work, try your best to fill it in with estimates that are honest at the day’s end.

How much time do you sleep? Talk on the phone? Watch TV? Practice your craft? Market your talents? Surf the Internet? Party?

Keep going, making your “personal time log” for a full week.

Review the week carefully .

Are you shocked?!

Are you sleeping much less than you thought? How much time do you truly devote to the things that matter most to you?

Can you now understand why certain parts of your life flourish while others flounder?

When you want the time, after all, you always find it!

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xoxo Dana



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