Do Your Friends Affect Who You Are?

Nov 29, 2012 | Creativity

(best friends, and now they act like each other!!!)

Ok, so a friend saw a psychic who told her that spirits from other people around her could invade her body when she was in a meditative, calm state.

Hm. I wanted to tell her I’d never seen that happen before, but… I’ve seen close to that actually happen.

I’ve wondered for a long time if you can “catch” someone’s mood.

Or, if people could actually “steal” your spirit.

I’m not sure that spirits “invade” your body, but its a weird and metaphoric way of saying that the company you keep will reflect upon you… and reflect you, ultimately.

I remembered an old Will Smith quote when my friend said was telling me this story, ““Look at your 5 closest friends. Those five friends are who you are. If you don’t like who they are, then you know what you have to do…”

So, in the spirit of saying that Will Smith is right, who are your five closest friends?  Do you love them for all that they are? Do you feel great about yourself after spending time with them?

My observations over a long time of trying to test this phenomenon of how much one is affected by other people:

No matter what you say about how strong you are, you can’t submerge yourself in misery and stay radiantly happy unless you are superhuman.

Same goes for happiness: it’s pretty hard to stay miserable and be surrounded by really joyous people.

This is a really fascinating subject for me.  I’ve been under the influence of people who weren’t refecting who I was or wanted to be… and it was very hard to extricate myself, though I’m very happy I ultimately did.

Luckily, I am wholeheartedly honored to say now that if I’m anything like my closest friends, that would be amazing…so I hope this is true!

How do you feel about this?

Do you feel your closest friends- and those you you spend the most time with-  represent who you are?

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


  1. Evy

    Hi Dana!
    I love your daily inspiration.Vistit your webside everyday.Thank you for that you are you 🙂
    just wanted to ask.What if you have only a few friends and they all kind of have a negative effect on you.How do you find new positive friends? (if you know what I mean)
    Love from Norway

    • danaclaudat

      Hm. Thats a good thing that you can observe it…but its not myu call as to how to find new friends…except to stay happy and hope to attract a more shining set of people. and thank you for all the lovely compliments!!!!!

  2. Evy

    Thank you for your respond!
    I now know what you mean when you talk about this subject.I have faith in what you are saying here.Because you do attract positive by being positive.
    And by the way,you deserve all the compliments! Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom<3

  3. Marcy

    Really enjoy this article. I thought this quote: “No matter what you say about how strong you are, you can’t submerge yourself in misery and stay radiantly happy unless you are superhuman,” was particularly practical and poignant. So many of us, me included sometimes, think we should just rise above circumstances when they are just not good. Great advice.

    I wanted to touch on what you mentioned at the beginning. It would be pretty impossible for a spirit to jump in a person, but as you said, negative energy can definitely impact you. In a meditative state, when I am more “receptive,” I make sure to keep my environment really clean, and do preparation work to prepare myself for meditation.

    When I am around a lot of negativity in a crowd or conversation, I take a shower when I get home or use sage, to just get back to feeling clear and centered.

    Thanks for the positive reminder 🙂


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