Life: Are You All In?

Dec 5, 2012 | Uncategorized


As a kid there was only one way to go with everything I loved— all the way.  As a result, I literally won everything I touched.  The world was huge, and I was ready for the next place to immerse myself.

As an adult, petty things- like the fear that comes into your life through near osmosis sometimes- make going all-in with the things I loved way more difficult.  I didn’t really know how to calculate things because I was too busy juggling things that I didn’t really like- chores, jobs, people, relationships- and my judgement became sort of skewed.  It became easier to say “I have no time,” or, “one day I will…” and that was the death of my magic.

Sound familiar?

I had to get it back! I was literally watchng my life being wasted. So, after clearing the decks, feng shui-ing everything and doing something foreign to me called prioritizing, suddenly I realized I could actually calculate risks and dive in.  I’m calculating a handful of them now.  What will happen? No idea. But it makes me excited to wake up in the morning knowing that I can be there for the things that matter to me rather than coping with 50 things that don’t!

Are you “all in” in your life with the things that you love? xoxo Dana


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