Make The Best Of Everything!

Dec 11, 2012 | Creativity

Always. If you are happy with very little, the good news it that you will be happy with more.  One of the best things about my mother was her abilty to truly love, embrace and enjoy life in its purity.  She never really had much money.  She always made the best of everything, and she always made people around her feel special, valued and excited about life.  Perhaps thats why I am such a wizard at re-purposing and styling homes with what people already have— its in my blood to make things work.  Now… to focus this coming year on giving as much as my mom did to her world (&me!)…  That’s something to aspire to!

Am I missing things you need & want??? Please let me know if there are feng shui-esque things you want to see, learn or experience in the year ahead below (on email me!) so I can work them into the plan for 2013!!!  xoxo Dana


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