Feng Shui Q & A : Does Door Color Matter?

Dec 13, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


A reader asked an interesting feng shui question about her home door’s color:  I need to paint the exterior of my chipped front door…facing North, under a covered porch. Are dark blue or black my best options, feng shui-wise? Kind of gloomy, those. Does the back door color matter?

My answer:

A back door to some functions as a front door.  Often people use the back door as a main entrance, and the front door is the “message of welcome” sent out to the world.  Since feng shui is about your personal experience of space, whatever door you use most often should be the way that you view what is the front to you.

Does door color matter? Yes!  Does it need to be a certain color depending on what direction your home faces on a compass? No!  Fire colors are the best for street side front doors (reds, pinks, oranges….but especially red) as they are the most magnetically attractive to the eye.  We want to draw people in with a powerful statement.

That said, if you have a door under a covered porch, you might want to consider a yellow or bright, sunny color to “illuminate” the entranceway.  Me, I like hot pink. A floodlight with a motion sensor is another very good idea.  You want your personal walkways to always be easy to navigate and to feel safe and light.

Hopefully this helps you make your decision— no gloom required!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Marcy

    Ooh, this is great advice. I love it! I had never known why red doors were good in feng shui. This makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

  2. kate

    I think red doors are fantastic and I’d really like to have the possibility to paint mine … so I’m wondering if there’s an other way to make a simple wood door of an appartement more “inviting”.

    • danaclaudat

      of course!!! a wreath (even one made of fruit or something else fabulous- you can make them) are super awesome “welcome” signs.

  3. molyna

    so the mean what of element ? so how can we make very best feng shui of the door?
    as well as my main door in the southwest sector what color should i paint it ?
    love your some ideas . xoxoxoxo dana

  4. Tracy

    Hi Dana,
    What color should my side door be? It is not the main door to the home. I read somewhere that the back of the house needs to be able to hold the good coming in but I can not find anything about the side door color and the meaning of the color for that door. Help!!! I am new to this and am trying to improve my life.
    Thank you,
    Tracy 🙂

  5. Justin

    Feng shui SOS. I have an enclosed front porch in front of my front door. My front door is facing the street but my porch’s door is on the side.

  6. Justin

    Does this affect the flow of the chi???

    • danaclaudat

      interesting question. I would still use the front door as the main door to align the bagua… and make that porch really welcoming and gorgeous to get the most chi flowing throught the space- think color, plants, wind chimes, etc, etc, !!!


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