What To Do When You Hit A Creative Block?

Dec 13, 2012 | Creativity


 “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” ~Pablo Picasso 

Creatively Blocked is a word that’s quite heavy.

So many words can describe the same phenomenon: stuck, empty, uninspired, lazy, checked-out, numb.

Creative blocks can strike and leave you puzzled, frustrated and even depressed.

What do you do when you’re totally burned out and lacking good ideas?


Here’s what I suggest you avoid when your creativity is blocked: drugs, drinking, overeating, any -ing word that involves creating a state of chemically-induced rapture and, yes, please avoid self-depricating behavior.

Easy, right?


What do you do instead?

Stay in motion.

Motion, even it’s is something simple and unrelated to your art or craft or work, will get you in motion.

You might want to try: The Artist’s Way book (life-saving), cleaning your house, take a day off and go to a spa (water is a great way to stir creativity and new ideas), drink some green tea, hike, go wander through art galleries or museums…

Or, you might want to try… showing up to work even when you are immensely uninspired.  Writing, painting, sketching, sculpting, acting or whatever you need to do creatively… do that!

When you show up to work for yourself, beautiful things happen.

When you show up to create no-matter-what, you have greater morale, you develop momentum, you create an opportunity to grow and you develop the habits of a professional.


Can you think of a better way to master an art or craft than showing up and working at it every day?

Those first few hours or days or weeks can feel really hard.  No joke.  I’m not a fan of forcing things but there’s a difference between forcing an idea and showing up for work.  When you show up, you are exercising.  If you’re dancing, you’re improving.  If you’re writing, you’re streaming consciousness or editing or doing something active when you’re at work.

Everything you do doesn’t have to be award-winning.  You can always go back and edit, or let things stand as a part of your evolution and growth as they are.

Four years and 3500 posts into the blog today, I’m taking a few weeks to edit my 2012 and 2013 content to look and feel and reflect me now (it’s been sooooo much fun)  so that there’s a level of integrity visually and energetically in the content that you click on in 2016 as there is from 2012 when I barely could load a blog post.

You can edit,  I can edit…

But: there’s nothing to edit if you don’t show up and do the work.

If you’re blocked, you can break free.

The fastest way is to start moving.

xoxo Dana




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