9 Awesome Ways To Use Castile Soap!

Dec 15, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Castile Soap 9 Ways

If you are in search of a one-stop cleaning solution that will not only work well and gently but also will be kind to the Earth, castile soap is your potion! Here are my top  9 excellent ways to use castile soap (my favorite? Dr. Bronner’s in ROSE!) for a multitude of home needs!

1. Wash dishes! I know there are people who use it diluted on dishes, but I prefer a small amount, added straight to a natural sponge or brush, to do the dishes.

2. Wash your produce.   You can fill a clean sink, swirl in a bit of castile soap, soak your produce and scrub a bit, then rinse the lot quickly.

3. Use it as a hand soap! I like to add a few extra drops of essential oil and fill hand soap dispensers with castile soap.  The extra fragrance takes it up a notch in sensory richness and beneficial goodness.

4. Wash the laundry!  While I’ve never done this regularly, when I’m out of detergent 1/4 cup of castile per load along with 1/4 cup of baking soda really works well!

I’d stick to non-essential items when experimenting with any new laundry soap, as the hardness of water varies depending on where you live, which will affect the way detergents work for you.

5. Bubble bath!  For me, again, a few extra drops of essential oil along with a healthy dose of castile soap in hot running water is a great bath.  Add in a cup or two of milk for extra softness from the lactic acid.  Add a handful of organic rose petals  for extra  wow factor.

6. All-purpose spray cleaner: All you need is a small bit in a big spray bottle filled up one part white vinegar to four parts  water.  Shake it up and there you have it: a do-it-all cleaning spray that is gentle on most surfaces, though I suggest testing before cleaning!

7. Mop solution:  One of the best floor-mopping solutions I’ve used is a healthy gulp or two of castile soap in warm water.  It leaves no gunk behind when followed with a light rinse.

Make it way more magical with THIS magical housecleaning tip.


8. Shower & shaving “gel”: Simple, squirt-from-the-bottle castile soap is the ideal body wash that will be hypoallergenic and non-drying to most everyone. Applied as a shave gel, the results have always been fabulous and lack the creepy chemical aftershock of commercial shave products.

9. Pet cleaner: If you have a dog or an outside-going cat, you know how fast they can get filthy.  In lieu of a full bath, you can spray them with some half-diluted castile soap on their paws and then rinse under warm water for a quick clean that’s non-irritating to your furry friends!

Some castile soap bonus points: 
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Natural beauty & home made much easier & more effective!!!
xoxo Dana


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