Are You Half-Doing Life?

Dec 17, 2012 | Prosperity


(Barbara Kruger)

There’s a myth in modern society that multi-tasking (aka: doing more than one thing at a time) is what we should aspire to do.  The problem? Multi-tasking creates a life that is actually half-doing things, and that’s no way to live!

Multi-tasking has been the subject of many interesting studies, probably due to all the hype about the brilliance of technology enabling us to do so much more so much faster.  I love technology a ton… but in its place.  I am still finding it hard to pry the phone out of my hand at stoplights (oh I will, and by writing this I mean business!) and I can barely make it through a quick meal without texts, phone calls and other “things” popping up that need my attention when I should be doing something very present and balanced: eating!!!

Whenever you do more that one thing at once, you scatter your attention.  Only one item can dominate the mind at a time in present time.  If you are doing more than one thing, this means that you are only doing one thing and being distracted by other things.  How good can you be at something that is floating to the sidelines as you try to finish that report for work?

Also, when you multi-task, your memory becomes poor.  THIS study published in the New York Times corroborates this unmemorable nature in multitasking.  Have you ever had a day when you tried to do too many things at once?  Can you remember details of it? Many people can’t remember huge swatches of time when they have been living in this crazy mythical haze of multi-tasking.

Solution:decide to just do one thing at a time.  You think you won’t have enough time, but, indeed you will have much more time than you do now.  By committing to doing on thing at a time you become more rooted in the present.  Its in the present that actions are more effective and communication much more clear.  Stay on this course and you will find yourself less exhausted, confused and drained.  If there are people in your life encouraging you to take on their issues, solve their problems or otherwise load your plate with their distractions, now is a great time to start saying , “No”.  Doing one thing at a time is a fabulous form of lifestyle feng shui…and it will revolutionize your effectiveness in every part of your life!


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