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Dec 17, 2012 | Prosperity


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I was listening to a lecture by a brilliant entrepreneur coach this weekend, Ali Brown.  I always get so much out of her material:  living life to the fullest with purpose, working smartly and creating an effect in business, especially the psychology and emotional test that living your dreams entails.  One of the most profoundly striking words I heard that resonated with me a million times over are that (and I’m paraphrasing) people with big dreams and aspirations require way more energy to get the job done. 

That is so true!

In my life I have struggled with energy in so many ways- from the time-suck of being organized in a way that is actually an impediment to productivity (do you make things so that they take longer than need be ?) to the missed meals because I was “too crazy busy” to stop and have breakfast- and every energy crisis has been accompanied by a mini-meltdown.  Sound familiar?

If you are so exhausted by mid-week that you can’t make it to Friday without a little life-melt of your own, here are a few somewhat obvious but tremendously effective trouble-shooting ideas that might help you to maintain something called balance.  I know… balance is unfamiliar to most of us unless we start to value it for all that it can provide!



1. Drink enough water! Dehydration is often the reason people get so hungry with a hunger that can’t seem to be satisfied with all the junk on the planet.  Headaches, body aches, anxiety and even mild depression can be caused by a lack of water.  Water is the element that relates to your emotional sell-being most strongly, so drink an extra glass or two of water a day between meals and see what happens.

2. Don’t skip meals. If you do one thing in the days to come, eat several times a day.  We all need different meal times and menus- some of us are better on 3 meals a day while others need six small ones- but no one is optimal eating once a day, or, eating their largest meal before bed.  Eat.  Food is fuel.  You need to eat.

3. Prioritize your to-do list. There’s nothing more demoralizing that a giant to-do list that has every random necessary errand scattered throughout it, so that even when you accomplish one big thing all you see are the dozens of other things that are not getting done.  Try to group your list for the day with your priorities that get your energy and focus.  Then, list errands under “errands” and do them at a time when you can focus and bang them out in an organized fashion, rather than picking up your dry cleaning instead of finishing that proposal in the morning.

4. Eat more real food. Real, unprocessed, un-chemically-enhanced food is critical for all of us.  Even if you are struggling with cash at the moment, you can afford a good grain (quinoa, millet, brown rice) and fresh beans and vegetables just as much as you can afford a bag filled with McDonalds.  Its all about choices.  A switch to raw veganism may be unrealistic for you, but a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar is not our of the realm of reality!



5. Take a superfoody supplement. A high-quality, allergen-free, food-based vitamin is a good idea if your meals are not totally balanced, but even an average multivitamin from the drugstore is better than nothing! If your nails are weak, your hair is lackluster and you are prone to colds, this is a small gensture each day that can produce meaningful results for you.

6. Take a walk. Circulation breeds energy.  I’d love it if you all got rebounders and bounced for 20 minutes a day.  Its so awesome for your circulation, and it totally revitalizes your mind and body.  In lieu of this, get yourself walking.  When I am crashing after a long day but still have things that have to be done, a walk with Bobby around the neighborhood is an instant mind & body booster shot.

7. Quick showers. A long hot shower in a luxury that can leave you more tired than revitalized.  A quick shower will get you going.  Start the day with a quick shower then finish the day with another quick one to “wash off” the energy of the day.  Try hydrotherapy for an extra punch of energy. (more on hydrotherapy right HERE)

Here’s to your vitality! And thank you to Ali Brown for the continual inspiration and high-value ideas!  Check out her work  HERE and see the invaluable information she can infuse into your new year of prosperity!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana

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