The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius!?

Dec 20, 2012 | Creativity



The Age Of Aquarius.  Depending on who you ask, it started a hundred years ago, or in the 1960’s…or on 12/21/12.   There are tomes- New Age, philisophical and also scientific- on the history of these predictions for 2012 and beyond.  But what actually is this Age of Aquarius?


(Aquarius, Salvador Dali)

Here’s what I’ve gleaned from a multitude of sources over about a year of asking this Age of Aquestion:  Aquarius times have been described as a move toward utopia and out of chaos. Supposedly we see a rise in our personal intuition, a distinct rise in our feelings of oneness rather than separateness, a renewed interest in the planet’s well-being, farming, nutrition & alternative medicine worldwide and an understanding about hings like other planetary life & UFO’s.  (Again, this is a compilation of everything I’ve read and heard, not my personal prediction!)


(crop circles…from outer space or from artistic gardening vandals?)

On the less bright side, because there is a yin (dark) to every yang (light) fact: There are predicted to be problems with the “waves” in the air (EMF pollution, lots of mixed signals) and, of course, our earth is predicted to experience more natural disaster turmoil, which is nothing new as we’ve very sadly seen that happening. And, what is most interesting to me— many astute of the experts on Aquarius Age seem to warn of the “false prophets’ and New Agers seeking to profit off of their false claims and “mock” spirituality (I’ve been saying this one for years— beware the fake spiritual people!!!  Think &  feel before you follow! )


(tie-dye curtains are a throwback to the popularization of the hippie Aquarius Age…and you can make some with THESE directions!)

Also, in this Age Of Aquarius, many believe that psychics will lose their power as we enter an area where we determine the future that can not be seen in advance in everyday life.  Apparently we all gain greater ability and heightened senses.  The old way of life doesn’t work.  The new way is based on more “love” and oneness.


(I’ve climbed all these Mayan temples in Tikal… what a trip!)

While I’m not sure what will actually come of Aquarian Times, I am intrigued by the ideals.  Sounds like the ideal climate to create better flow in your life…and go with that flow! 

The Fifth Dimension sang this song, The Age of Aquarius, in 1969.  Trippy, right? Its so “astrological”!

So, what do you thing will happen in the time to come???


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