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Dec 23, 2012 | Uncategorized


This past wek I’ve been opening holiday cards (my favorite from Chantal Moore above!) and buying gifts for the puppies while Ive stumbled upon some new beauty goodies and…so excited!… got a mountain of photos back for the New Year from superstar photographer & fellow Stanford alum (and awesome person) Matt Sayles! Yay!


Yes…I can’t believe that is me! Matt Sayles is a genius, as is my dear Chantal Moore , both who made me look like this!  Dream Team!


I’m typically cautious with “advanced skin care” because if its too “supercharged” I tend to be taking Benadryl by the end of the night.  This treatment by Mila Moursi, however, is totally rejuvenating!



The gorgeous Bob & Gordon are really bonding this season!

egypyian_magicAnd, I learned that this years-long intriguing “egyptian magic” lotion is good for removing eye makeup- but, then again, so is coconut oil… and I’m not sure what else it can do.  I may need to actually try it!  Reviews? Let me know!!!

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    • danaclaudat

      I always see that but never try it! will try!!!


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