Homemade White Chocolate Almond Bark!

Dec 24, 2012 | Food-Shui

raw white chocolate candy

I had to stop in my tracks today to bring you the most addictive and healthy (!) candy recipe ever!  White Chocolate Almond Bark, welcome to my world!

This is very simple, and its adapted from a Specific Carbohydrate Diet recipe that I got via email many months ago for peanut butter cups (a version is posted HERE) .  I’ll talk more in the new year about this Specific Carbohydrate Diet (its kinda like Paleo, its saved my life!), but for now, rest assure that this is “not” diet tasting or health-foodie (even though its total health food!)…

raw cacao butter

I keep some raw cacao butter on hand since I can’t eat chocolate.  It is packed with nutrients and healthy fats and is a total superfood delight, so you can excuse the high price.  (Can’t put a price tag on health!); it runs about 22.00 for a 16 oz bag and this recipe uses 8 oz (half the bag)… It also makes enough to last you a very long time (unless you are addicted like me!) and its uniquely decadent and yet nourishing all at once.

To make:  Melt 8oz of raw cacao butter in a double boiler.  In my world, this means that I put a metal mixing bowl over a pot of boiling water and hold onto it with a clean dishcloth. As soon as the raw cacao butter melts, you add a 16 oz jar of creamy unsalted raw almond butter (I do unsalted so I can salt to taste; you can use salted; you can also use regular almond butter instead of raw).  Whisk that & add  2 tablespoons of pure vanilla extract (I did a tablespoon and threw a whole vanilla bean into the mix to cool with it….totally intense, but not practical for every day… the pure vanilla extract will light this up on its own.)  Then add 3/4 cup honey (raw if you’d like). I salted my unsalted almond butter mixture at this point, about 1/4 tsp. of sea salt (skip if your nut butter is salted!) 

Once its all mixed, set it aside to cool down a bit while you line a baking sheet with parchment paper or tin foil. (I used recycled tin foil). Pour in the mix, freeze until firm (a few hours or more), then take out of the freezer and hack apart (I use a sharp knife pointed into the pan kinda smacking it to shatter the bits— be careful!!!  don’t do this unless you feel its safe.  I then pile them up in a freezer save container in layers and serve straight from the freezer alone or with fresh fruit…. Amazing!!!


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