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Dec 30, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


Here’s a great feng shui question from a reader who would like to make new friends! “What section of the bagua should I enhance if I’d like to make new friends? Would it be relationships or helpful people and travel or fame? I really struggle with this area in my life and I would sincerely like to have more friends. I stress that, because I do have helpful people in my life, but not necessarily friends that I can call up in a minute to go out and eat, or shop, etc.

My answer: 

feng shui bagua map

That’s a very cool question, as friendships are an extremely valuable part of life!

The answer can be simple or complex. I’m gonna go for the easy yet unusual way to answer this question.  Enhance Wisdom in your life and in your space.  Wisdom helps you to know more about you, and, therefore, you will attract more like-minded friends who want the same things.  If by enhancing wisdom in your home you start getting into a hobby, get to know yoursef better, learn more about your interests…. then, in the outside world you will hang out more in places you love and dive into persuits where you will likely meet people on the same wavelength. Does that make sense?

An example.  You are interested in music.  You play music.  In the wisdom area you might actually practice your music and have music memorabelia, etc.  (I’m making this up!) and as you get deeper into your musical pursuit, you will learn more about what you love and don’t… So, you might go see shows or go to events that feaure this era/vibe or music performance and you are likely to scoop up more people of your kind.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of just saying hi to people and having a tea or going to an event- or even the shopping mall-  and meeting people.  If you put yourself out there, people come in.

Its worth it to get to know people and curate your friends.  You don’t need a handful of negative/bad-influences in your life.  A few great people- even one or two- is far superior to many that suck your energy!

Good luck!!!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. S

    Great post! Love this advice.

  2. Tumblr Fan

    Thanks for answering this question Dana! I haven’t done anything to the wisdom area of my room, I have a dresser/bureau there. I could straighten it out and I try to periodically, anyhow I was just staring at it and I had a pair of earrings on there. I think I found my new hobby…jewelry making. I’ve considered in the past, but I never pursued it. Well see what happens. Thanks so much!


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