Serving Food With Seasonal Style!

Jan 3, 2013 | Food-Shui


We eat with our eyes as well as our digestive system.  Since compelling studies have concluded that food that looks more appetizing can actually be more nutritious.  Whether or not this is the case, food that looks more beautiful makes you feel much better.  Aesthetics can elevate simple food to an event. Today I rounded up some really cool food serving ideas that are somewhat seasonal, but can be used just about any time of the year to wow your family, friends…or even just you, when you are feeling fancy!


You can serve chips in a giant pumpkin.   Or create a display that shows care and curating with simple paper bags.


Bandana’s are the eco-friendly recyclable way to present your popcorn to guests, amongst other things.


And a bunch of shot glasses can be a curated solution to presenting a selection of soups!


Always reliably simple, the “serving tray” makes any meal more special, like a package carefully put together.

Be more mindful of how you compose a plate and how you serve your food and I bet that you will start to be more mindful about eating and the gift that it is, making better and more creative choices all the time!


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