Flower Essence Power: Agrimony & Inner Peace!

Jan 5, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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Alexis Smart is a Bach flower essence alchemist of the highest order.  (Not sure what Bach flower essences are? Oh you will love them!!! Check out more HERE!)  Alexis Smart’s remedies- totally non-toxic and wildly powerful- have wowed my friends and family, and have helped me through some crazy times and emerge with a sense of self love that was astonishing.  I am thrilled that Alexis is introducing us to some of the major flower essences in her practice and how they are used to correct specific energetic/emotional imbalances.  Today she will talk to us about Agrimony Bach flower essence & how it might help your life!


agrimony-1From Alexis: ” Agrimony Bach Flower Essence is for those who mask their troubles behind cheerfulness . They are the peace lovers and do much to avoid conflict, often suppressing negative emotions or turning to alcohol,  drugs or food to bear their trials.  They love company and are good friends to have.  When alone, usually at night, their worry and inner turmoil can cause sleeplessness.This remedy brings true peace, calms restlessness and anxiety and helps us to face conflict with emotional equanimity.

Agrimony can be found in my formulas:

Peaceful Worrier– used to help with anxiety, worry & insomnia
Dream Boat for Kids– used to help children who are over-energized during the day, sleepless at night.


Alexis Smart Alexis Smart is a Bach flower remedy practitioner who lives in Los Angeles. Seeing her clients heal from emotional issues they thought were impossible to overcome inspired her to create a line of formulas to address the most common issues people face in our modern world. They treat everything from heartbreak to writer’s block. More recently, she introduced a line for children.

Alexis Smart is available for personal consultations/custom flower remedy blends. You can contact her as well as find her products here & can you find Alexis Smart Flower Remedies on Facebook here.


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