Rituals I Love: A Great Persian Tea!

Jan 8, 2013 | Food-Shui


I love tea.  And I love helping people to reinstate long-forgotten rituals in their lives as ways to connect to heritage, to childhood or to pleasant memories.  One client who has blown my mind with her creative decision making and ability to say yes to her happiness started keeping the accoutrement for gorgeous Persian tea on hand for herself  and for guests.  I’m so excited that she agreed to share the brewing and serving process!


To start: Boil water in a kettle.


In a separate tea pot: Add 1 scoop (teaspoon or so) per person and 1 “for the pot” of loose black tea. You can also add a teabag of Earl Grey for flavoring, just enough to give it a scent without overpowering. I sometimes add a few cardamom pods or a teaspoon or two of rosewater (available in middle eastern grocery stores cheaply),  My note: ooooh, rosewater is a must-try!!!


We then fill up the teapot with boiling water, lower the temperature and put the pot on top so the tea can brew.


Fill half the glass with tea. We like to drink out of clear cups/mugs so that you can adjust the color (strength) of the tea.


You can enjoy with sugar cubes, dates, or if you prefer lemon although that isn’t Persian!

Gorgeous and delicious! Thank you Marjan!!!  In fact, I may start today having dates with my tea because it looks luscious.  Do you have a ritual that you have long-abandoned? A family recipe you never mastered? A favorite thing to do that you have given up? Start now to re-integrate it into your life!!!


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  1. Dailene

    Do you add water to the first pot or just the lose leaf tea? And when would the rose water come in? Thanks

    • danaclaudat

      I always add tea first to the pot, in a tea holder or a bag. I add rosewater to everything- including my baths!- right before serving. xoxox


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