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Jan 9, 2013 | Creativity



While I love a very clever DIY  of any kind (crochet coffee sleeve? sure!), its the useful ones that I find myself recommending to clients again and again.  For example, the forgetful and scattered person can attach magnets to tin canisters from spices & suddenly a kitchen note station is born! 

Here is a round up of useful re-purposing and inventing that can leave you with a far more functional home.


I always wondered what could be done with those giant pretzel and twizzler canisters.  Answer: modge podge yourself a trash can. 


I more frequently than not recommend that clients buy or make headboards.  My friends, this gorgeous headboard DIY from Sarah Dorsey is actually DO-able for under $150!


And, those empty Perrier bottles (and wine bottles, too) can find a new life as candleholders.


Last, but not least, Martha Stewart’s desk DIY extraordinare rocked my world.  Its big, modern, functional, sleek and about $200 to make!


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  1. James @ Primary Designs Studio

    Love it ! There are so few companies that still sell their products in tins that are printed – what a great use. I always buy Sclafani brand crushed tomatoes because the 28oz cans have the labels printed right onto the can itself. I have the cans all over the place – at work with pens and rulers, at home with scissors and screwdrivers, etc etc. I’m almost to the point where I won’t throw them away just because they are so cool ! Will be going out to pick up some paprika and mustard ! Thanks !


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