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(awesome doormat from

Do you need a doormat?  Not always. 

You do need a well-appointed door, even if that just means a clean door with polished hardware on it and no scratches, etc.  Often, polishing or painting the numbers on or near a door will help it to “shine” in a magnetic fashion.

That said, a doormat can be a fail safe way to add feng shui’d personality, wecome & elemental excitement to an entranceway. When you walk upon a doormat you have a sense of what a space will feel like once you enter. It can be subtle, but its there.

For example, if you walk up to a filthy doormat that is askew, what do you immediately presume you are walking into?!

Picking a doormat, if you want one,  is easy— its all about YOU. Don’t worry about “what the books say” is the best doormat.  If you have a specific issue I may recommend something specific, but, ultimately focus on “your” style.  And “your” functionality.  You might need an industrial strength doormat for people in your backyard, rather than a precious design. You might trip on a thick doormat and find that a thinner one issafer… or none at all. 

If a doormat is awkward or acts as an obstacle in any way…ditch it.  the idea is to create a smooth way in and out of your home, doormat or not!


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  1. Marcy

    That’s a great point. People do judge a place before they walk in. I think in my mind, I think doormats are expected to be a little dirty, because we wipe mud on them, but I think people still probably make subconscious assumptions when they are.

  2. Winny

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for this article, as I find very few articles on ‘Lucky Doormat.’
    I agree that doormats should be according to the owner’s taste and need, regardless of design, should be neat, clean, and steady. I just can’t help being curious about these:

    Around 2 websites that says a “black doormat at the front entry” is lucky? What is the basis of this? Does this not conflict with a door facing a specific direction (i.e. one that is governed by the element of fire, knowing black is a water color)?

    1 website that says doormats with wordings as “HOME” or “WELCOME” or sweet portraits like flowers are not really lucky as you do not actually want people trampling over your home or flowers? Any thoughts about this?


    • danaclaudat

      nothing is “lucky” unless you believe it is 🙂 you make your own luck! xoxo


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